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Activities in maputo and surroundings (Maputo)

Hello community:

Im a major fan of activities of any sort to escape the laziness of the couch and being trapped by the zapping.

I have lived in maputo for more than a year now and can proudly say that i know a lot of the surroundings, what activities can be done and i'd like to share them and also learn some from others.

I have dived, surfed, balooned, rockclimbed, cycled,sailed, canoed, runned, eaten, swimmed with tiger sharks, photographed amazing places, had once in a life time experience with different animals, shopped for exotic items in unique places, contemplate some of the most beautiful sights in the world,toured A LOT, all this in maputo and a 400km radius, and would like to do so much more but sometimes lack the company.

Feel free to ask me for pointers as i would like to exchange experiences with others.

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