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Advice on moving to Mozambique (Maputo)


I'm a new member on »internations« and looking for any advice on moving and living in Mozambique (or maybe on east coast of Tanzania).
I know there are some similar posts about this subject, but let me write about me and my wish...

Currently I live in Europe and have a family with two young kids. I'm in loved in Africa for several years now. So every year we make a month trip to Africa (different countries). Now I started to consider to move to Africa permanently, preferably Mozambique (I liked northern Mozambique most).
I'm asking for any advice where is best to start? Can I buy (get access of) a land at start (or must live in Mozambique some years)? Do I need get a job first?

Let me write about my wish/plan.... I wish to finally move to Mozambique in next 5 to 10 years (i.e. if can't find adequate schools for kids, ...) and in the meantime keep my job (have specialisation/MSc, finishing PhD and working in hospital) in Europe and start build/buy new home in Mozambique. But I do not know if this way possible at all. What are your suggestions? Or is better to find a job in Mozambique now, rent a flat or house and start to buy a land while in Mozambique?

Many thanks!!!


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