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CEMENT & Other Projects Investment in Mozambique (Maputo)

We are Investment Facilitators with highly experienced and well connected European and Asian collaborators.

Our focus ares; Financing Governments & Private, Cement and Mineral processing factories, Infrastructure (Highways, Dams, Airports, Ports, Stadiums, Social housing), Industrial Agriculture, Power/enegry Production, Aviation.

There is NO LIMIT to the investment amount provided we are facilitated direct concession deals (without long tendering process) and BOT (Build Operate and Transfer) projects.

We have recently ventured into various private/Public projects in the D.R.Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Djibouti. We are looking forward to do something similar in Mozambique as well.

To begin with a CEMENT FACTORY with average production of 1,250 Tons per day ( costing Appx. USD Protected content .
We can Finance, Construct and Operate the factory.

If its Government project, avaiable finance is 100%
but if private, we can finance up to 90%, with the co-investor being capable of raising the 10%.

The client is required to have land, Licenses, Detailed Project Report (DPR), Mine survey report and Raw material analysis and Exploration permission.

The main ingredients of producing Cement is Limestone (80%) and Clay (20%), which, in Mozambique can be found around SALAMANGA, INHAMINGA, NACALA, etc.

If anyone in interested privately OR can facilitate through serious Government contacts, Contact us on;
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