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Moving to Maputo, lots of questions!

Hello everyone, my husband just found out hes being transfered to Maputo. We live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and we have a 6 month old that will, of course, be moving with us.

Unforteunately, we dont find much about Maputo on the internet and since I'll start househunting soon, Ive been wanting to know where to rent, where are the safest paces to live, the best kindergarden schools, etc..
Also, a bit of a concern to me has to due with the health care we will be ensured by. Which ones are the best? Can I find nice hospitals and clinics in case I need treatment?

Ive been reading about the kidnapping thats been going on, is it really not safe? Will I be able to go out for a walk with my daughter without my husband?

Is it easy to find everyday things to care for the baby (diapers, diaper cream, baby wipes)?

Since my baby is still very young, I wont be putting her in school during our first year in Maputo, so, is there places to go where babies can run around and play with other kids?

Thanks in advance!

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