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Mathias Döringer
"Thanks to InterNations, I have now made some new friends, who taught me a lot about the expat experience in Maputo. "

Living in Matola

Matola is a city nestled in the very south of Mozambique, just six or seven miles down the Maputo Bay from the country's capital, Maputo. Despite the two cites' proximity, expats living in Matola will soon see that their host city is quite capable of competing with its larger neighbor. In fact, although both are major ports, it is Matola that is the biggest industrial area in Mozambique. As an expat in Matola, you'll be able to explore the impressive city port and enjoy the large, vibrant city, home to more than half a million people. The Matola Museum is a great destination for anybody who wants to learn more about city’s history and culture, while the nearby beaches are famed throughout the country for their diving, golden sand and picturesque coastlines. The nearby Maputo Special Reserve and, slightly further north, Limpopo National Park also provide expats living in Matola with a classic African safari experience just down the road.

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Moving to Matola

As you might expect from a large port city next door to a capital, expatriates moving to Matola will find the city well connected and easy to get to. The nearby Maputo International Airport is the largest in the country and the two cities are connected by bus and train. In the center, small minibuses called 'chapas' are a popular mode of transportation. The city has a tropical savanna climate and, being south of the equator, expats moving to Matola from the north will have to get used to hot Decembers and cooler Julys. For plenty more hints and information on expatriation generally, you might like to have a browse through InterNations website before setting off. Our Expat Magazine is a set of articles on expatriation topics like family and relationships, cross-cultural communication, expat insurance and so on, and you should find answers to most of your general questions there. Furthermore, we also have a good collection of articles by other InterNations members, for more 'on the ground' content.

Working in Matola

As an expatriate working in Matola, the first thing you will need to get used to is the heat. Anybody fond of the sun will relish the city's topical temperatures and, being a port city in the Maputo Bay, more sun shy expats in Matola can cool off by the water. The city's industrial economy is a hive of activity and alongside the nearby capital, there is always plenty happening. Amidst the city's industrial buzz, expats working in Matola may like to get in touch with the city's international community, and our discussion groups, private communication system, and forums are an easy way for InterNations members to contact global minds and expats living in the area or across the world. With a large international port and the country's capital nearby, it shouldn't be difficult to find a local international network of expatriates in Matola to socialize with.

Mathias Döringer
"Thanks to InterNations, I have now made some new friends, who taught me a lot about the expat experience in Maputo. "