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Moving to Fiji! (Melanesia)


Hey all

Seems like the Melanesia forum is somewhat quiet, but I still hope I will get some replies.

So I'm moving to Suva, Fiji, in a few months, and have really no idea about what to expect when it comes to actually living there with regards to practical and social stuff.
Does anybody have any advise on how to find good housing (any preferred residential expat areas), what are the average prices for an apartment or house with two-three bedrooms? How to get in touch with other expats (and locals)? What is the nightlife like? Any decent gyms around? How many supermarkets are there around with Western foods and items? Otherwise any advise or info to add which could be helpful?

(I have lived in Tanzania, so I have some experience with developing countries, but have really no idea how Fiji is in comparison...)


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