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Bone Marrow Donor Needed for Melbourne (Bayside) Father of Two

Hi everyone here in the Melbourne Community,

I hope the week-end was enjoyable thus far and I hope I will not put a dampner on your day with this email, but this issue is very close to my heart and that's why I'm posting this thread. I honestly do not do this normaly but this is a case too close to home to ignore.
There is a young father Protected content old) of two (3 year old girl and 6 year old boy) here in Brighton (Bayside Council)close to where I live, called Graham Barnell. He has been diagnosed with Leukemia last april and is urgently trying to find a bone marrow donor. To make things worse he also needs financial support to get to the US to have the transplant done. I checked it out, this is a genuine case! I have donated what I could as a student, which was only 200,- AUD but still, and I put myself on the donor registry.

Please have a look at Graham's website when you can spare some time: Protected content

I think any help this guy can get is highly appreaciated by him and his family and if you know of anyone willing to help please tell them about it. I think if this guys knows that people around the world do care, it will brighten up his day. I would not bother you with this, if I didn't feel that it was the right thing to do.

Kind regards to the entire Melbourne Internations Community,

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