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VoIP - To call basically everywhere... (Melbourne)

Hi there, I am new to this board. At first I was just lurking to have few information and I've notice a lot of issues concern international calls fare exc.

So I am Canadian/Montreal planning to move to Melbourne. To ''accomodate'' the hiring process I decide to get a local phone number plus my current Canadian phone number.
I end up to chose the most reliable service possible, a VoIP (Voice over IP) there are tons of different service but I decide to go with (I am just their client, I would have no discount or whatever advantages to promote them)

So I have my home number and a local Melbourne number hooked up to my Cisco SPA Protected content 50$ VoIP router) my router is connect to the web thru normal modem and my VoIP router is connect to 2 hard-phones. The fees are 1$/month per phone line + the consuming (Canadian/US calls is 0.0052$/min) to call Melbourne Protected content 0.079$/min to mobiles, fairly easy to set up (for someone who's able to set a wifi password) overall really cheap even cheaper than most of the call cards

When I will finally move to Melbourne, well easy. Once I will have internet I would attach my router and my Canadian phone and Aussi phone would be up and running.

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