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Weirdest Insurance Claims (Melbourne)

A camel kicked my car!
When a gardener was out buying plants at his local nursery, he noticed a passing camel walk past and kick his car. The bizarre incident was damaging but luckily witnessed. As luck would have it, a local TV crew filming nearby caught the act on camera.
I lost my teeth in the sea
An elderly man on a luxury cruise ship was admiring the view from the edge, when he caught a bad case of seasickness and vomited. On losing his false teeth in the purge, he filed a claim to his travel insurers for lost baggage. He won.
The girls were too pretty
Here’s one for when you’re next distracted by a group of hot young things as you’re strolling along: One British traveller broke his nose by walking into a bus shelter, when bikini-clad girls caught his eye on holiday. Luckily, his insurance covered his nose job.
We buried our treasure, and lost it
When two kids in Cornwall, UK, buried their mum’s camcorder to stop it being stolen while they swam in the sea, they promptly forgot where they’d put it. The insurance company paid out for a replacement, but we’re sure they now carry flags with them to the seaside.
They locked me in the garage
Sometimes burglars just get treated so badly. One would-be thief looted a house while a family was away on holiday and locked himself in their garage by accident. For over a week he ate dog food and drank from their soda stash to survive. When released, he filed a claim for mental anguish and won $500,000. Justice? You decide.
A coconut fell on my head
Next time you’re lounging under an idyllic palm tree, it might be a good idea to look up. Like one lady in Sri Lanka recently, many people are injured by falling coconuts every year. If you survive, you’d better hope your travel insurance protects you better than those palm leaves.
My husband threw me into the sea
A dream wedding in the Caribbean was almost destroyed when the bride’s beautiful dress went up in flames, thanks to the barbecue. Her quick-thinking new hubby promptly chucked her into the sea and their wedding insurance covered the cost of new clothes. As for their pride…
A cow licked my car
Coming back to his car after a fishing trip, one man came upon a cow with its chops around his windscreen wipers. It emerged that the salt deposits from his coastal expeditions were quite tasty to the bovine. He claimed insurance for a ‘cow lick’ that ruined every bit of rubber on his car.
My cigars caught fire
A tricky lawyer in North Carolina, USA, bought a box of very expensive cigars and thought he’d insure them against damages. After smoking them all, he filed a claim with the insurance company stating they’d been lost in a series of small fires. Surprisingly, he won.
I went skydiving, naked
If daredevil stunts like jumping naked out of planes appeal to you, take note from one man who forgot to take his phone out of his pocket first. When claiming for the lost phone, he admitted he’d been trying to take photos of himself in the act. No one knows where, or on whom it landed. Gulp.

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