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Where Do You See Yourself On The ladder of Life? (Melbourne)


Where Do You See Yourself On The ladder of Life?

A leader emerges in any group. This person becomes the higher authority who is generally followed.

When a couple enter into a relationship, one becomes dominant. This can change depending on the subject matter.
They may even unconsciously take turns.

What determines the dominance?
The person who is willing to take responsibility for the outcome. If there are two people in a group willing to take equal responsibility, one will prevail.

We could see life as a ladder with infinite rungs. On each rung there is a group of people who could either move up the ladder or down.
As they move up, they prosper, grow and enjoy the game of life that makes them happy.

Alternatively, as the group moves down this ladder, they suffer, fail and fight as they oppose each other.

The Ladder of responsibility including adopting and following ideas, principles that yield positive results will benefit everyone in the group individually and collectively.

The ladder of success could be seen as the Bill Gates kind or the Mother Teresa kind of success.

Most people are born into a culture that determines where they will end up on this ladder of life.

Clearly, some aspire to gain power to hurt or hold down others, to make others serve them.

Then there are those who strive to gain power to make the world a better place. The great news is that a person can move up or down on this ladder.

We can, and do, climb up or down on this ladder. Both individually and collectively.

Winning is a part of the mindset and culture of a successful individual and continuing to win is the result. This is one advantage of moving up The Ladder.

People low on The Ladder feel they are owed. They will be seen to always be talking about how they have been wronged.

Where do you see yourself on the ladder of life?

What is your feeling about those above you and those below you?

Are you content to stay on the present rung or would you like to move up or down?

In your mind, where would you like to begin movement?

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