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CA looking to move to CDMX in the next two years (Mexico City)


Although I am Mexican-American (born in California), I had never had a chance to visit south of mexico until three years ago. I fell in love with cdmx and try to go back for weekends whenever I get a chance. I know that I need to live in cdmx.

Currently, I work as a data analyst for labor market information at a local nonprofit. I've been with this company for three years now in different roles. In December of this year, I will quit my job to travel for a year. Since last September I have been freelancing on the side to expand my network and to potentially have some jobs while I travel.

I have set my mind to move to the city, however there are a few things that I have been thinking about. My social network in the city is great already, in fact, I hosted NYE events through couchsurfing in Protected content 2017. I have met many great friends this way. My professional network is not so great. How would I go about growing my professional network? This is the majority of the reason I signed up for this website, to grow my professional network. Because I am planning to take a year off I am worried that this would not look good for potential employers, are there any suggestions to explain this to a potential Mexican employer? Also, since I don't know much about the labor market in mexico, what type of jobs would be a good fit for me? If I work as a data analyst now, what types of jobs in the city would be good to transition to if I no longer wanted to do data analysis?

I'm not entirely sure I want to work another Protected content , ideally I would work remotely for a US org. but, I want to keep my options open. Any suggestions as to any preparation I can do during my year off would be greatly appreciated and welcome!

Additionally, I hold a Mexican citizenship card (INE) and speak Spanish fluently.

Three more things:
-I plan to buy an apartment in the city.
-I want to start my own business, a coffee shop or selling Mexican goods.
-I will soon start building up my credit in Mexico, although my credit is excellent in the US I have none in Mexico.

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