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Conference:A journey through the Brazilian Culture (Mexico City)

November 23.

Casa do Brasil was present at the conference by Sebastião Andreu and Kátia
Sanches, who are working with the Secretary of State for Education of São Paulo,
Brazil and authors of the didactic collection ALET (Learning to read and write texts

The speakers began by showing the typical part of Brazil, the most known:
carnival, caipirihnas, football, beautiful women and feijoada to mention
some, then go to the not so popular abroad, but are the bases
Brazilian culture.

Professor Sebastião first spoke of the roots of many mythological characters
used in Brazil, such as sirens or water nymphs (IARA), or Saci-Pererê, some
representations made by the painter Tarsila de Amaral, and then told some stories
classics of Brazilian culture, to make way for the teacher Katia, who told us the
story of "A menina buried alive" and ended with two sambas of João Rubinato, who at his time was widely criticized for capturing everyday issues into their music, adopting the pseudonym of Adoniran Barbosa.

At the end we again enjoy the poetry of César Magalhães and music of
Fogo Ensemble band, who performed famous songs initially of Brazil and
Portugal, and at the end of the night, open their hearts with us and sing songs from their authorship.

These days of popular culture of Brazil were very substantial, interesting and full of art.
Congratulations, Professor Rodrigo Florêncio!

Mexico City Forum