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In-kind donations: NGO D.F. (Mexico City)

Hi everyone,

I work for the Junta de Asistencia Privada del D.F., government agency in charge of auditing, as well as aiding the NGOs in Mexico City (Instituciones de Asistencia Privada, IAP).

Every year we organize various events (Children´s Day, Senior Citizen Day, Anti-Drug Photo Contest, Educational Fair, Field Day for children and teens with disabilities) in benefit of the people (women, children, seniors, people with disabilities, etc.) that receive a service or assistance from any of the Protected content in the City.

These events are partly funded through sponsorships, which is why this is an invitation to any individual or business that would like to support and promote Mexico City´s civil society.

We are seeking the following donations (all donations are tax--deductable):

*Greyhound-style buses: Protected content between various dates/events)
*Toys (dolls, action figures, footballs, etc.): Protected content
*Random items for raffles (tvs, event tickets, cellphones, bikes, household items, etc.): Anywhere from 1 to Protected content or large items)

There are also volunteer opportunities available for our sponsor´s employees.

If anyone is interested in receiving more information, please contact me vía internations (inbox).

Thanks everyone for your attention.

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