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Introduction (Mexico City)

Hi everyone,

Last week I got an invitation from a friend to join Internations (Thanks Michael), and since I am living an ocean away from home, here in Mexico I decided to sign-in :)

I have been doing a bit of reading around the site, and, well, even though at this precise moment of time I do not need to ask for help or anything, I thought it might be just polite to stand up and introduce myself. Hopefully there is not a protocol forbidding it...

So, my name is Katia, I'm 32 years old and come from Vigo, in the north-western coast of Spain... all of this already available in my profile, I know, I know.... but you have to find a starting point to define yourself. I have been living away from home since Protected content , when I moved to Barcelona (OK, that's Spain, but still Protected content away from home).

As I work in the IT area of a German company, I have been traveling a bit for different projects, ever since, until in Protected content to Germany, to the Köln area; yes, every time a little further away from home.... and finally, in may Protected content was sent to Mexico for a long-term project. I was supposed to be returning to Germany right now, but I will finally stay here in Mexico city until march Protected content still a year to go, and a lot of things to do in this city and in Mexico.

As I mentioned at the beginning, after 10 months in the city, I think I have gotten to know the city, love many things, hate others, but in general I have adapted quite quickly to live here.

Nevertheless, I am always open to meeting new people, specially, people that are going through the same experiences I have, and even if I do not need guidance or support right now, I think I can offer it to newcomers…and who knows, maybe some other day I will be asking for something. :)

And this is me briefly... feel free, to comment, ignore, or ask any question if your think I might be helpful.

Best regards

P.S. I just got the invitation to join on the same day of the last event, but I hope I might join for the following one

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