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Living in Mexico D.F (Mexico City)

Good day everyone!

I will be in Mexico D.F. from the middle of April on for three months.
As the organisation I will be working for, New Ventures Mexico, cannot afford to pay me a lot I wondered if you could help me to calculate how much I should expect to be spending during my time there. As I'm looking into applying for a grant, this data would be really helpful here as well.

It's clear that it all depends on the area one chooses to live in and one's lifestyle, so I thought I let you know what I planned:

New Ventures are based in Coyoacan (Corina 59, Colonia del Carmen). It would be great if I could live close.
Mathias and Luis - as you are living in the area would you recommend it? Any ideas regarding pisos compartidos?

Regarding food, transportation, nights out etc. - I'm not spoiled at all in this respect. My experience of living in London and Paris as a student helped to develop a lot of creativity to enjoy those cities to the fullest on a budget.

Muchas gracias!
Looking forward to joining you over there!


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