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Living in Taxco and looking for special products (Mexico City)

Hello Everyone! My husband, children and I have been living in Taxco for over a year and we absolutly LOVE expat life! Obviously we are not in d.f. but that was the closest listing on the forum. I was wondering if anyone is close to Taxco. Our dearest friends are our Mexican neighbors so we have no intention on invaiding an expats every day life. We just thought it would be fun to connect on occasion with an expat in the area.
Also, some things we have found impossible to find in the one year that we've been in Mexico are as follows: bread baking products such as whole grain flours (rye, buckwheat, vital wheat gluten etc) dry cup measuring cups, root beer, plus sized clothing (not huge just 1-x and nicer quality than Wal-mart) and various other things that we miss from the States. It would be interesting to know if anyone from Mexico City has found these items. Taxco is quite remote and does NOT have the shopping options that a larger city might have. We have been to d.f. but did not know where to begin to look for these items. Thank you!

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