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lunchboxes (Mexico City)


Hello International Community!

I am a German chef and I have a question to you all about lunchboxes.

My wife is working here in Mexico for an international company and started complaining about the food they serve at the companys´ canteen/ lunchroom. The food there is too fatty, not fresh and of low quality. So I started preparing lunchboxes for her to take to work instead, with fresh handmade healthy food. After a while her colleagues started to ask if I could make lunch for them too. So I started doing more than one lunchbox every day.

Now I am thinking about renting a bigger kitchen to be able to prepare all the lunchboxes.

But that means additional costs and so I was wondering, if maybe there are some more people who would like to receive freshly prepared lunchboxes delivered to their office.

O.K. First you need to know what is in the Lunchboxes.

There will be some hot dishes, which can be heated up in a microwave at you office: e.g. real Italian lasagne // grilled Terrijaki Salmon on fresh Italian vegetables with rice or polenta // meatballs in tomato sauce with bellpeppers, zucchini & rice // vegetarian spinace & ricotta caneloni with parmesan cheese and tomato sauce //...and a lot of other delicious dishes.

Other dishes include sandwiches with homemade bread and rosemary-roastbeef or mozzarella sandwiches with fresh rocket and sundried tomatoes.

The prices will be between 70 and Protected content pesos per portion.

The delivery minimum will be around Protected content pesos per address (in DF) that we deliver to.And the delivery time will be between midday and 2pm.

So this is my question: Who would be interested in having homemade, healthy food delivered to theiroffice?

If I find enough customers I will rent the kitchen and start the service.

Thank you for your help!


Thomas Kraker

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