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Presentation:“Textos de Brasil" .Brazilian Embassy (Mexico City)

December 14th.

Casa do Brasil was present at the launch of the publication number 15th of “Textos de Brasil", at the Embassy of Brazil in Mexico.

The event began with the inauguration of the Board Alfonso Reyes, restored and renovated in a tribute to former Ambassador of Mexico to Brazil in the period from Protected content 1936.

Mexico's ambassador in Brazil, Sergio Abreu e Lima Florêncio said a few words to assistants, cut the ribbon, and then proceeded to a series of cultural events, from which the guests had the opportunity to enjoy bossa nova, samba, capoeira, traditional dances, travel raffles and delicious caipirinhas.

The text that was the reason for the presentation is published by the Diffusion Coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and speaks about the popular parties in Brazil, showing pictures and telling the details of each one, which enhance allows a deeper understanding of Brazil by Mexicans.

Finally, as the ambassador said: "both in Brazil and Mexico, the variety and wealth of popular festivities reveal a remarkable cultural diversity ... diversity that instead of alienating our peoples makes closer”.

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