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Upcoming move - nanny and cleaning lady (Mexico City)

With our upcoming move planned for late December I am looking to help my nanny and cleaning lady find new jobs. Both have proven to be very honest and reliable and I remember how hard it is to find good people. I am of course happy to talk to anyone interested so please send me a message.


- Best suited to a family with a baby looking for someone (and prepared to pay a good salary for somebody worth it) who has Protected content of experience working with brand new babies and small children and is able to take responsibility for them with very minimal supervision. Available 6 days a week from end of December
- Has worked for me for 2 1/2 years and has helped me with two small children, one from 6 months (now 3 years old) and second from the day I arrived home from the hospital. Prior to this she had 6 years working with an Australian friend of mine helping raising the child from 3 months to 6 years old
- Trustworthy and has a very calm and paciente style with the children
- Excellent with very small babies and is great with routines, settling techniques including sleep training, feeding, bathing etc.
- Understands the needs of toddlers including routines, healthy diet, reading and how to potty train
- Aside from helping with the kids, she has cooked the main meal in our house (both international and Mexican food), taken care of washing kids clothes including minor mending and kept the kitchen tidy. Has also made herself available for babysitting when needed and lives close by in Constituyentes

Cleaning lady
- Best suited to a family looking for someone willing to do a bit of everything - cleaning, washing, ironing, looking after the children Currently available Tues, Thursday and Saturday and 6 days a week from end of December
- Has worked for me 3 days a week for the last year and has helped me with the heavy cleaning (floors, kitchen, bathrooms), washing, ironing as well as being more than happy to help with the kids when needed
- Reliable and is a very pleasant person to have around the home

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