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URGENT: US I 20 Help needed for Mexican Debater (Mexico City)

URGENT: Does anyone know someone that we can talk to at the US Embassy? One of our Team Mexico debaters who is attending to the University of Texas this coming fall was told last week at his orientation that he must be in Texas by August 14th even though school does not start until the 27th for him to be able to use his currently issued I Protected content am saying this second hand so it may not be 100% accurate as I do not know the student visa process).
He will be going to the US with Team Mexico on June 26th through August 3rd as the Team Mexico Debaters has graciously volunteered to help train inner city students in the Houston Urban Debate League on their way to and the week before going to Thailand for the World Schools Debating Championships. However he has been told he cannot leave the US before school starts which would not allow him to go to Thailand with the team.
The only thing that we need is to be able to get the dates of his I 20 moved so that he can be in Thailand with his team from August 5th (departing the US on the 3rd) through August 18th so that he may attend the world championships. This is a really fine young man who is not only one of the top debaters on the Mexican circuit but has been involved in academic debate at the Tec de Monterrey Santa Fe since we started the league 4 years ago. In fact, their school was the first school after ASF to host the tournament that got the circuit started.
Team Mexico won 7th place in the world last year out of 50 countries. We have possibly our most experienced team ever this year. If someone can help us, please do so.
Mark Webber
Team Mexico Coach

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