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Visa changes...I am so confused [RANT] (Mexico City)

...[rant]... First you have to be IN the country to get a VISA... then they change the rules and you have to be OUT of the country and collect the visa in your home country. Standing inside Inmigracion and they cannot change immigration status there.

I had tried to apply for my FM3 in October but was told I could NOT LEAVE THE COUNTRY while the application was pending. And so I had to withdraw my application as I had a scheduled trip to Europe and the US. Upon returning I tried to reapply and was told the rules changed on Nov 12... and would have to LEAVE THE COUNTRY to apply for visa. Now my potential employer has to register with INM first (pending for 15 days already) and can then re-invite me... AFTER I return to the US and wait for approval.

I cannot understand why INM cannot change immigration status while you are in country standing in their office????

Without FM3 I cannot open a bank account, do any paying work, buy a car... or anything.

Any backdoor tips of tricks getting a visa?

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