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I am Spanish guy (Electrical Engineering) living in Germany with my German girlfriend. My girlfriend has received a job offer (contract for 3 years, that could be 6 years) for Mexico DF. Until here everything O.K. I know she will not have problems to get the VISA to work temporarily in Mexico but the problem I think is for me. I would like to start a business in Mexico as self employed in electronic consumer products but I don´t know if I could get the VISA to work temporarily as well. I looked for many websites and pages on internet, embassies to find out what is needed to get the VISA.

The website of the Mexican embassy in Germany (is in spanish) say this :

Link: Protected content

My question is : It is possible to get a visa for working as self employed ( and start the papers to set up a business (start up) there) ???? or I need to get a job from a Mexican company that require my services as employee??? or look for a Mexican business partner to get the VISA ???? or bring to the embassy my bank account statement that show my bank balance.

Any help will be really grateful to make the decision of going or not.

Thank you in advance.


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