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InterNations Miami World of Horses (WoH)

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As founder and Consul of this fun group, I'd like to extend an invitation to all members who like horses, those who don't know much or anythings about them, and even those who were thrown off one and wrote them off, since in most of our activities we are just safe spectators.

We attend some of the best Equestrian events in the world right here in South Florida, such as Polo matches, Show Jumping Grand Prix, Dressage competitions, horse races and in the future, Rodeos. Also visits to horse farms.

For those who'd like to participate in the sport, we have done horseback riding, and even a Polo Clinic. There are many places where we can ride and take classes for every level and in all disciplines. I can recommend several good places, and we can take suggestions to do other horse related activities and social events among members.

We're at the start of the Equestrian high-season, which runs from January to April. After Polo matches and Grand Prix, there are free parties at the discos right there in the beautiful venues. Great opportunities to share the fun with your fellow global minded friends.

We have and will arrange carpooling for those who don't want to drive or even worse, drink and drive.

Don't let the elitist reputation of the sports scare you or keep you from experiencing this fun. People are super nice, and besides, you'll be in a group with friends. Dress code for all events is totally casual, mostly jeans. Of course you can go dressy and ladies can be on high heels, but should bring flat shoes to walk on the field when we go for free champagne during the intermissions.

Most events are either free of very low cost, except for the $12 Million Dollar Pegasus World Cup this Saturday 28th at Gulfstream Park, which is a bit expensive.

I hope you join to be thrilled by the beauty of the horse and related sports!

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Questions? Message or WhatsApp me at Protected content

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