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Minnesota Nice? It's like ice... (Minneapolis)

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It’s no secret: Minnesota is a terrific place to live. We have excellent schools, great health care, wonderful arts and amazing entertainment options. There’s just one problem. As transplants to our state quickly learn, we also have something called “Minnesota Nice.”

To the locals, Minnesota Nice is truly nice. We wave our fellow drivers through four-way stops; we help dig our neighbors out of the snow even when the wind chill is minus 40, and we tend to be exceedingly polite. It’s all good, right?

Not so fast. Talk to transplants from other states and countries and you get a different story. We should know; we’ve talked to a lot of transplants, hosting numerous discussions with newcomers and conducting dozens of interviews during the development of our website, “Surviving and Thriving in Minnesota Nice” and our e-book, “Minnesota Nice? A Transplants Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Minnesota.”

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