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getting together (Minsk)


I am pleased to bring the following under your attention:

Subject: Re: getting together

Hi Jan, thanks for the invite. Yes I am currently living in Minsk.
Been quite inactive here and really busy, but now am willing to improve and offer more ideas and help for the Minsk community. Congrats on the Minsk Ambassador!
As for the upcoming events I’d like to suggest something.
Am currently working with the National Arts museum and participate in organizing events there in the framework of the exhibition “Artists of the School of Paris from Belarus”. We have something on every Friday, different small events dedicated to France of the early XX cent. and french culture. Thought that might be interesting for expats in Minsk, especially if they speak some Russian. The audience is very diverse, and we normally have a few foreign visitors on some events. We’ve already hosted French cuisine day, Workshops with contemporary belarussian artists, french “cafe-concerts”.
Events take place every Friday, announced a few days-a week in advance on their web Protected content and museum ticket office.
Tomorrow November 23d at 6pm* there’ll be an excursion of the exhibition (in russian), and afterwards a free workshop by a local dancing school (hustle) to the tunes of French chanson.
What might be interesting as well – a belated “Beaujolais Fest” on November 30th
at 7 pm.* Glass of the new Beaujolais Protected content snacks included, best local sommelier, live music. The more detailed program, costs, tickets and further info will be up next week.
I know there’s the first Minsk Internations meeting that night on the 30th, just in case anyone is interested we could create a group/event here, people could drop by before they get together in MixxPub. Should be fun! And again very diverse audience. French visitors coming as well.
Let me know what you think and if i could post it here as soon as everything confirmed?

Am looking forward to meeting new people and expats in Minsk!


>please connect me when you live in minsk and want to meet other expats

To combine it with our first get together is too short notice i am afraid

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