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New Activity Groups!! (Minsk)

Hello everyone,
Hope you are having a great summer and I'm looking forward to seeing you again for our upcoming event at People's Restaurant and Brewery in Minsk.

I wanted to make everyone aware of a few changes. First, we have established new activity groups!

One is a playgroup for mums and kids to meet for coffee and play at the play centres in Minsk.

The other one is a Singles club for Minsk singles who are interested in meeting someone. This will be separate from our regular meetups, will take place in a club or pub, where we'll do fun activities such as speed dating etc.

Now for these activities to take off in Minsk, we require people! So everyone who is interested please sign up immediately in our activity groups on the webpage! As soon as I get a decent number of people signed up, I can start arranging activity dates!

Best wishes,
Gabriella F. Temel (Minsk InterNations Ambassador)

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