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Dissertation German-Somali Relations (Mogadishu)


Hi there,
I'm writing a dissertation about the German-Somali relations and I'm looking for people who could help me out with hands-on experience and who could maybe talk also/only from their job perspective.
I'm conducting as much primary research as possible - but I have limited options, since it is only a 6,000 word paper.

Recently, I have come back to London from Nairobi, where I was interning with the German Embassy and where I started my research.

I'm interested in questions like:

1. How are German-Somali relations today? How are they being conducted? Please describe your relationship in the context; are you a German living in Somalia e.g.?

2. How is German support in Somalia visible?

Anything relevant which goes is this direction I'd be grateful to get some views.

Cheers, Amelie.

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