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First help with jelly fish burns (Monte Carlo)


It "méduse time" again at the Mediterranean coast !

If you happen to be so unfortunate as to encounter one of the stinging creatures, here are some first aid advices.

Do not use fresh water on affected areas, as this will increase the burning sensation caused by the venom.
The area should be rinsed with salt water or vinegar, which deactivates the toxin. Remove any remaining tentacles with gloved hands or tweezers or scrap them off with the help of a knife blade, plastic card (credit card) or sand. Don‘t touch the tentacles with bare hands!
Rinse the affected area with hot water, as hot as the victim can take.
See a doctor as soon as possible.

The local reaction is intense redness to the area and raised bumps which can itch, but usually burn and hurt. In severe allergic reactions, swollen lymph nodes may occur. However, this is somewhat rare.

For immediate pain relief, you can always ask fellow IN member Ewald Stary MD for help or PM me.

More advice: Go swimming at beaches which are protected by jelly fish nets, such as Larvotto Beach in Monaco and following beaches in Cannes: Gazagnaire, Macé and Roubine. Or ask the local beach guards if there is a problem with méduse.

Enjoy a splashy time in the Med anyhow!

NEWS : Beverly Holt, the IN Ambassador in Nice has just been treated for a painful sting and writes about this on her HPN newsletter / website Protected content .
Check it out !

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