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Posh Fit is coming to Monaco (Monte Carlo)

Dear Monaco residents,

I am delighted to announce that the exclusive Fitness brand Posh Fit is being launched in Monaco for this coming season. Posh Fit is a training concept based upon workouts created by me former Olympian and Hollywood Celebrity trainer. These workouts are taking the Fitness world by storm and are requested by top Celebrities and professional Athletes. We are currently training with clientele in London and Los Angeles and we will shortly be coming to Monaco.

The workouts includes core movements like Olympic lifting, Kettlebells, Boxing, Animal flow, Tabata, Cardio vascular intervals and much more. This is a ground breaking new training method that will get you fitter faster and with long lasting results. No fads, no time wasting workouts, this is pure genius training. The workouts has been tested and researched for the past 4 years so we have perfected workouts for you as a client.

I have personally trained with many A list star Celebrities to get them in shape for movie roles, and what every Celebrity have requested is effective workouts with the best service possible and that is what I deliver. Posh Fit also offers clients exclusive membership to various other luxury services in collaboration with exciting venues.

So keep an look out for Posh Fit as more information is to come very soon. For more information please get in touch with me here.

Christmas greetings.

Linda Hedenstrom
Former Olympian, Trainer to the Stars, CEO of Posh Fit and Scandinavian Fitness
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