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Royal Wedding for visitors (Monte Carlo)


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Have fun !

July 1st and 2nd are holiday in Monaco

All the retail stores can open on Friday July 1st,  Sunday July 3rd as well.
Saturday July 2nd only retail stores with less than 30 employees can open.

There will be at least 8 giant screens: Two on the Palace Square, one in front of the Cathedral, and also in front of the Oceanographic Museum and Sainte Dévote. Three others will be installed on the Quai Albert 1er.

The screens will broadcast images from the wedding over and over on Sunday July 3rd.

There will be secure areas around the « Golden Square » and Monaco-Ville
There will be sacrosanct areas (therefore inaccessible to the public): L’Hôtel de Paris, l’Hôtel Hermitage, the palace and the Casino.

The Tourists can access through the narrow streets of the Rock without difficulty.

Only the Palace Square will be closed to visitors, outside guests. To get into the old city, all traditional pedestrian access will be open with the exception of the Rampe Major. Visitors can go to Monaco-Ville through the Porte Neuve, to be positioned either on the forecourt of the Oceanographic museum, either in front of the Cathedral to attend both ceremonies on giant screens.

The access via the parking des pêcheurs is also open.

To contain the crowd during the “city tour of the newlyweds”, barriers will be installed along the route.

The buses and parking garages will be free.

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