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language exchange (Monterrey)

hello, my name is Magda, I´m from Monterrey but I lived 3 years in Japan.
When I lived there I used to assist to a spanish-japanese language exchange that help me a lot to improve my japanese and to meet new friends, now I have a friend I knew there who recently moves to Monterrey for work and we were thinking that could be a good idea to do the same thing here in order to get new friends and improve each other language.
We both live in Guadalupe-Apodaca area, there is a coffee shop "café tatiaxca" in "multiplaza lindavista" whit a lot of space to stay and talk, we already ask the owner if there is any problem and he is cool with it.

we want to make a survey between the community to know which day of the week you thing is a good day to do the meetings and if the meeting spot is good or you have any other suggestions??

In Japan was a spanish-japanese language exchange, but we know the Japanese community is not big here in Monterrey so this exchange will be spanish-any language, the main point is to meet new people and help expat to improve their spanish :D

let me know if you have some ideas about it.

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