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Giving birth in Montevideo

Hi there,

I have just found out that I am pregnant (with my first child) and am currently living in Montevideo.

I don't currently have any insurance (private or mutualista) and am in the process of signing up with Cosem which could take another couple of weeks. They have advised that if I am accepted then I can go to their doctors etc and the only difference is that I will have to pay for the birth out of pocket (which is fine). It's worth noting that until I am accepted I can't go to their doctors (even if I pay).

My question is, given my circumstances, does anyone have any advice on whether I should continue my application with Cosem or should I consider another provider? I have read that CASMU has a better maternity hospital and that it could also be worth considering Hospital Britanico. Or is the public hospital sufficient?

Also - is there any institute that helps expecting mothers with the process? Ie: Antenatal classes, or assisting with getting a midwife etc.

Any clues to point me in the right direction would be amazing.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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