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Puppy For Adoption - URGENT (Montevideo)


Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in adopting, or know of anyone that might want to adopt, a puppy my partner and I have been fostering from our local shelter in Tacuarembó.

We are leaving Uruguay permanently on 2nd March Protected content . In an ideal world we would be taking her with us but unfortunately we are unable to. The shelter we have been volunteering at asked us to take her until they could find her a home because her mother would not feed her. The shelter is currently over run and there is no space for her there. We are limited in who we know here so our efforts and those of the shelter to find her a home have not been successful so far.

A bit of information about the dog:
- female, 4 months old
- mixed (unknown) breed but we think there's some cimarron in there as she is striped
- we think she will be medium - large sized
- born prematurely, she has three toes on each foot but is very strong
- very playful and happy
- happily sleeps and spends time outside
- good with other dogs and children
- has been de-wormed
- is getting her second round of vaccinations next week.

We affectionately named her Chubs because of her healthy appetite and the fact she was pot-bellied from worms when we took her in. Not to worry though, she is very healthy now although the appetite of a growing puppy has stuck!

Please do let me know if you or anyone you know is looking to adopt a friendly pup (please do spread the word!). We are more than happy to transport her to a new home and rest assured there will be no adoption fees! Or if you have any ideas of how I can spread the word further then by all means please tell me. I can send through photos of her upon request.

Sorry if anyone thinks this is inappropriate. We really just want her to be happily homed. Greatly appreciate your time folks!


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