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Au Pair in France (Montpellier)

Hello guys !

Here are some interesting advice to be "au pair" in France.

The "au pair" person carries out family or domestic tasks (child care, small housework, etc.), in return of accomodation and food. This should not be confused with the au pair employee.

The minimal duration of your stay must be minimum 3-month. It is impossible to be au pair for a lower period and it is the same for summer time !

The registration in French courses is compulsory for everybody out of UE. Whatever your level in french is.

Indeed, the French laws concerning the au pair stay are clear on the fact that the au pair young people in France aim at improving their levels of French as well as their knowledge of the French culture.

It is thus essential to be registered on French courses to validate your contract and so the visa if you does not belong to the EU. At Hello Study France, we can propose you french courses with promotion all year long and advise you free of charge on visas and various processes.

There are two different statuses to be "au pair"

The status " intern family foreign " and " au pair employee "

At Hello Study, we promote the intercuturel exchange and thus can help you mainly on the status "intern foreign family", for the people of less than 30 years willing to discover our beautiful France!

Current responsibilities and required qualities:

· speak enough the language to be able to communicate with the children
· have time to go get them at the school
· play with the children
· prepare and give the meals
· tidy up, clean their chambers and playgrounds
· keep them some evenings

Responsibilities of families:
· give no more than Protected content hours a week
· give 2 days minimum of vacation a week
· do not treat the au pair person as a domestic
· supply a single room
· register the au pair person with the family doctor
· include the au pair person in the house insurance

The affiliation to the French health insurance on behalf of your host family is compulsory. As this one covers only most of the primary care, your host family has to cover the rest of medical expenses.

Here is a small summary of the stay " intern foreign family ".

Working time

The maximum working time is of 5 hours a day and 30 hours a week. Your working schedules are fitted out according to your French courses.

Spare time

The spare time is from 1 to 2 days a week. If you do not come from a country of the EU and you wish to work during your hours of free time for another employer, you have to respect the threshold fixed to 60 % of the legal duration of the work in France, that is Protected content a year. Your working hours at your host family are to be taken into account in the calculation. See the section working in France of our web site.


Vacation is to be determined in your "au pair" contract beforehand with your host family.

French courses

Courses are at your expense. We can advise you, register you and share with you our promotions with our schools


If you need a visa to enter in France, a minimum of 10 hours of courses a week is asked for the acceptance of your visa.

The duration of the stay

The duration of the stay is from 3 months to 12 months and can be extended upto 18 months maximum

Your Tasks

You will be fed and accommodated , but in exchange you will have to participate in home chores on a daily that your family will explain to you better that I can do :)

Your pocket money

The pocket money is between 264,00 € and 316,80 € a month. The sum which you will have fixed with your host family is to be mentioned in the au pair contract.

Hope this was helpful !

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