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What is the avg price to rent in Muscat/ surround

hello all,
I am new to this website.
I am in the process of getting a job in Muscat. I have never been in Oman at all. I heard it is a nice place to work and live. Many friends recommended Oman.
I like to know how much is the average rent for a 1 and 2 bedroom apt in a good area for rent. Any comments will be appreciated such as what is included in the rent or not included: is the monthly fees to take care of the building additional to the rent or included in the rent, is the electricity included in the rent or not, is the water usage included in the rent or not, etc... (Some questions may be considered basic, but I will not know unless I ask).
any other additional comments will be great and highly appreciated, thanks all in advance,
What does BHK stand for? is it bedroom, Hall, Kitchen?
I appreciate other comments about the above.
thanks everyone,

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