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Christmas Get Away? (Nairobi)

Good evening all, This is our 3rd week in Nairobi and its been a bit of a nightmare thus with not much of our stuff as it's all in the UK and Car on my parents drive all awaiting our residence permits before they can be shipped out... Had to take cabs everywhere which proves costly even just going to the supermarket.

I digress...! Can anyone recommend somewhere close by for a short Christmas break. I got excited by Nairobi national park tented accommodation; however it turned out to be $600 a night and not the 4 or 5 nights I initially got excited about! :-( My Mrs is very dubious about flying on the very small local planes so preferably safe driving distance; also looked a Tsavo East which looked nice.

Any advice or past experiences would be much appreciated. Spent about 5 hours looking now and it seems Kenya is a lot more expensive than we thought it would be :-(


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