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Since the beginning of Protected content , about 60% of our clients who have approached us have been conned by “immigration consultants” and even “lawyers”! Clients have lost thousands of Kenyan Shillings in the process with the average amount being about USD 2, Protected content KES 170,000). For this reason I thought it best to put up this notice.

Last year, Immigration insisted that agencies/ consultants apply for Accreditation to submit, follow-up and collect paperwork on behalf of an applicant at immigration. The mandatory rule to apply for Accreditation was and is Immigration’s way of circumventing you from being conned.

Therefore, to ensure that you are working with a legit consultant/ agency insist on seeing their Accreditation letter from Immigration before giving any funds to the consultant. If they do not have Accreditation from immigration, ask for references of their past work and take extra care. Additionally, refrain from giving consultants/ agencies 100% of the requested funds; rather, insist on a down payment. Those not willing to agree for such are more than likely cons. Find out what are the actual application fees as well as what is the agency/ consultant’s service fee so that you are educated about the funds you are about to part with.

Note that many procedures are being changed at immigration so applications are taking twice as long to be processed. If your application being handled by a consultant/ agency is taking long, do not be quick to label them as a con – ha ha, however, they should be able to give you firm timelines on your application or some sort of proof of the situation so that you are at ease with what they are saying.

Have a careful and happy week!

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