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In addition to my last posting, here are some more insider updates.

- Special Passes are being processed BUT ONLY if the work that the applicant is involved in is a GOVERNMENT CONTRACTED PROJECT (Kenyan government of course). A copy of the government contract must be provided.

-The only entry permit being processed right now is the Class G work permit which is for those opening up businesses in Kenya. None of the other permits are being worked on at this time.

Staff SUSPECT the following items might be started on next week (however none of them know for sure):
-Multi-Journey Visas
-The rest of the entry permits including Work Permits
-Special Passes (non-government)
-Citizenship and Permanent Residence Applications

Insider information states that things will be much stricter with the Class D (employment) work permit. In other words it will no longer be as easy for expatriates to get this permit as there must be thorough proof that the vacancy could not be filled by a Kenyan citizen.

There have been some positive postings about the new immigration director and her work at immigration as well as some pretty shameful ones so let's hope the good outweighs the bad.

I will keep you posted as things move along or you can reach the immigration director directly at twitter on this address @Janewaikenda

For all your immigration needs, feel free to inbox me:-)

Happy Thursday!

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