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Loita Hills Trek 9th-13th Dec 2016 (Nairobi)

Looking for 10 Pax to Loita hills for 5 days trek on Dec
Loita forest (forest of the lost child) is considered a shrine by the estimated 40,000, Purko and Loita Maasai, as well as an integral botanical, ecological, and historical zone of Maasai land. It serves as an important dry season grazing zone as well as a source for numerous rivers and is home to a wide range of fauna and flora ranging from elephants to rare bird and plant species, wildebeests, zebras and gazelles graze side by side with the community’s cattle in this region. The Loita Naiminia Enkiyio Forest, stands at an altitude of about 2,300 feet above sea level and covers an area of about 33,000 hectares. It is located between the Mara and Serengeti plains and the forests of the western escarpment of the great rift-valley. The forest also occupies a special place in the Maasai legend and mythology. One of these ceremonies is the celebration of the Olorip Olasar, the head of an age group, who has to stand under an Omatamaio Oleyen (Olive Tree), a tree in the forest, for the whole night without moving a muscle or even swallowing his saliva
The trek through the forest start at Morijo and ends in Nguruman 40 km from Lake Magadi

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