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Moving to Nairobi

Hi all

My company is giving me an option to move to Nairobi as we'll be acquiring a factory there. I have a few questions I was hoping the expat community could help answer for me.

1. How is the security situation in Nairobi? We've been based in Saudi Arabia for 7 years and we've gotten used to a very secure environment. It's hard to believe but I have no concerns about driving during the night inside the city or intercity travel. I can walk to the nearby shopping area with my iPhone in my hand without any significant concern.

2. Most probably the factory would be located in an industrial zone. Which residential area would be best in terms of commute while being close to good international schools and shopping malls. Closeness to schools is more important but a smooth commute to office would be nice as well.

3. How are the compounds. I have a large family (4 kids) so need at least 3 bedroom house/apartment. Are there recreational facilities inside compounds like swimming pools and play areas for the kids. Any recommendations and contacts/website of compounds?

4. Do international schools charge fees in Kenyan Shillings or other foreign currency. How is the quality of international schools?

5. I'll probably need a 7 seater SUV, which are the popular car brands in Kenya. I can see Toyota Landcruisers are very popular but are american and european vehicles also available?

6. Is halal food easily available?

7. How is the quality of healthcare in private hospital? And which one is most recommended?

8. Are household goods expensive in Kenya including electronics?

Thanks a lot!

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