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Need to go into details before falling into mass (Nairobi)

Hello everyone in Nairobi! We're considering to live in Nairobi which will be for the coming 4 years as there's a job opportunity. Many around us stop us even considering it due to such as safety matters. We don't think it could be that worse as you guys manage your lives all right there. Would anyone of you kindly leave some comments on the board? And that personal touch will be a great help to us.
We have children aged, 10 and 15. We would want them to be in a British school as they were known to it. Which one has the best reputation?
Is Karen a good place to settle down? Our work place is in the city centre, then is this going to be all right, again in safety respect, to travel that route everyday?
Anything about as long as they are from your own experience will be appreciated.
More questions will be followed. Thanks in advance.

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