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It’s really frightening to learn that the people we pay so much money to protect our businesses, homes and lives are the main perpetrators of insecurity. Having done a thorough investigation, I come to the confident conclusion that one security company, Securex Agencies is guilty of planning and executing rampant theft and robbery from their own clients. The Asian community happens to be their major targets followed closely by expatriates, unfortunately.
Senior managers in guarding, alarms and technical departments, with the full knowledge of the MD (Tony Sahni), collude with organized thugs in the carrying out break-ins and robberies in numerous ways among which are:
1. Technicians install alarm systems in a way that it won’t send any signal during intrusion even if the client arms the system. Examples are 20th April Protected content , Farm Engineering Limited, Enterprise road where the premise stone wall was dug and all offices ransacked without any of the ten motion sensors sending any signal to Securex control room, the same case as for 9th April Protected content Kenstar Metals, Ukwala road.
The technical manager gets a report every morning on all alarm units that are not working but instead of sending a technician immediately to restore and provide true security for the client, he shares this information with thugs who ends up striking these specific clients followed by the repairs and cover ups by a Ms Bansi Shah by doctoring the alarm activation logs before printing for the client. So sad.
2. The guarding ranks usually plan for go down gates to be opened at night so as to allow lorries in to load clients’ goods. In such occasions the alarm signals are either not received due to un-serviced systems or signals are ignored altogether, at times response vehicles are sent elsewhere so as to allow give the thugs ample time to load and get away. And when these gets out of hand the guard is paid to “disappear” forever from the radar then claim the guard was abducted or killed by thugs.
Examples include 23rd April Protected content Electricals, Bamburi road where copper cables worth 13 million was stolen this way. Alison Omans’ residence, Chalbi drive, they responded after almost one hour while client was being robbed, beaten. At Connaught Apartments, Raphta road, a tenant was assaulted and robbed and all the three guards and a “vicious” dog heard nothing, not even the thugs jumping over a ten foot wall with electric fencing, no alarm signal responded to yet the response vehicle was based right at the gate of the apartments. Raises the hair at the back of my head imagining what that tenant went through that night.
When all the skills fail, the guard is left alone to take the blame and rot in jail even if he had nothing to do with planning of the theft.
3. Shops are robbed on a daily basis in town and Gikomba and the funny thing is that the ones where the Asian clients loose millions are the alarm systems which are faulty and sends no signals forcing the client to call the Securex Agencies office and ask them why no response has been effected. One doesn’t need to be an expert to connect these dots.
Someone, especially the clients, concerned insurance firm and the relevant government departments should look into these issues. And to add salt to injury, this company tracks private vehicles round the clock; you cannot know who they provide your vehicular movement data to. Your home, business vehicle and life is not in safe hands as the corporate brand is deluding.
You pay a lot of money for security only to be robbed then your face is whitewashed with a well crafted incident report denying everything, wow how clever!
The issue of racism leveled against employees of indigenous Kenyan blood and even the matter dealing with tax evasion are not as serious as the insecurity and betrayal to clients.
These points are well documented in the various occurrence books and cover up reports from Securex Agencies Ltd which can be availed if needed for confirmation. Please note that these examples were selected from incidences occurring only in April of Protected content just imagine how many organized thefts and robberies occur in a year.
Sameer Qasim

Nairobi Forum