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Relocation shipping expense /Housing estimates (Nairobi)

My family of 4 plan to relocate from the US to Nairobi Kenya in a few months for 2yrs. For planning purposes I'm looking for some guidance on what it would cost to ship household goods from Chicago to Nairobi. I just need a rough estimate.
What to consider if shipping by Air or sea. Is it by crate and what is the cost per crate at the maximum allowable weight and what would that weight be.
If by sea what is the typical length of time before delivery?

just looking for an estimate for planning.
Any and all input is much appreciated.

In addition, I'm looking for an average estimate of what it costs to rent a decent 3 bedroom house (preferably a townhouse or duplex) in Nairobi area. These would be in areas located within a Protected content drive to Kilimani area. If anyone knows of a website that could give me that info would be great. Looking to understand average cost for both a furnished and unfurnished house, if anyone can give that insight would be great.


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