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A New Year's Eve Party - Are you interested? (Nice)

As an expat cote d'azur resident I have been rather dissapointed with the options available to celebrate New Year's Eve and particularly to be able to enjoy the company of fun english speaking people for this occassion.

So, this year I am testing the waters, to see if you are interested in participating in a New Year's Eve Party designed specifically for english speakers who want to let loose and have a great time together.

Please respond via this forum BEFORE 15 November to register your genuine interest in a party of this kind:

In your response please answer the following questions:

Budget: How much would you be willing to spend per person on a party ticket that would include a DJ as entertainment, and would include a buffet meal with a cash bar.

Would you bring friends and if so, how many?

What age range are you within:
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Would you be interested in hosting the party at your large villa ( if cleaning costs were covered) or can you recommend a public venue that would be suitable for up to Protected content ?

Check in at this forum after the 15 November to discover whether we have enough interest to go ahead with this event.

Helen Zelinski

Nice Forum

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