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Hello / Bonjour (Nice)


so let me be the first to step in here ;0))

Living in Sete Protected content not really Cote d'Azur anymore, but it was the closest group. I was living though in Cannes from 03 to Protected content also my first son was born) and enjoyed it.

Nevertheless my wife and I were glad to leave the somehow unreal French Riviera ...

Does anybody know what I am talking off ?

I mean this perfect scenery (just my office view in Sophia Antipolis / just opposite Amex down the Carrefour du Golf HP ) looking towards the mountain mist! Agreed during summer time not to much of that, but nonetheless.... the hikes in Mercantour or swimming with Russian & Pommy tourists in February. Just great ;0))

But also the completely crazy prices in this overpopulated 20km x 60 km strip of land in-between Mandelieu and Nice or Grasse and the sea to the Bulgarian prostitutes on the Promenade d'Anglais in Nice ...

I (We) were glad to leave, but always love to return for a holdiday !!


TGIF Andreas

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