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Make a Wish (Nice)

I would like to introduce you Make a Wish France, which helps ill children under heavy treatment to realize a dream.
This dream may be being a fireman for one day, meet a famous sportsman or an actress, attend a championship or visit Disneyland, but it contributes to take those children and their families out of the hospitals and feel free for a short while.
I am, as a volunteer, in charge of the Nice Côte d'Azur branch, managing a team of 10 highly motivated volunteers.
As you know, money is important, but not only. Sometimes we know people who know other people who may be the adequate person to realize one of those children's dreams. Connecting me with those people will also be a great help. So, please feel free to suggest any idea. Send them to me in private message or at Protected content and I will handle them confidentially with the association, in case of need. For donations, please proceed the same way.
We all fall for a smile on children's faces but when it comes from a child seriously ill, it's just priceless.
Please share this message with all your social networks friends.
Please help us, even just for a little while, to replace chemicals by happiness.

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