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Photodepilation and photorejuvenation (Nice)

Photodepilation is one of the most modern methods of getting rid of unwanted hair. Hair removal is done with an IPL laser that uses light impulses to remove the hair follicles. Because we work on the most modern equipment, Trios IPL machine, the treatment is short and, most importantly, painless.
Basic information about the procedure
The procedure can be performed on any part of the body. The professional equipment which we use in our center allows us to do treatments on all skin types, according to Fitzpatrick classification. This method of hair removal is based on selective photothermolize: by raising the temperature of the hair follicles, stem cells are damaged, which disables the hair re-growth mechanisms. This method has a selective effect because it does not damage the epidermis or surrounding tissues. The darker the hair, the higher the concentration of melanin in them, by which light energy is absorbed more easily - this enables more effective hair removal. By appropriate adjustment of light waves to hair and skin type we can also remove light hair. They should not, however, be lighter than skin.
During the procedure we remove the hair being in the appropriate growth phase (active phase – anangen). To completely get rid of hair from the area, several treatments should be performed. Intervals between the treatments depend on the depilated area, skin and hair type. Typically, it is a range of Protected content .
Before the treatment
Before the treatment, the hair should be shaved or cut so as to have a length of about 1mm or less, do not treat or pull the hair out.
Do not sunbathe for Protected content before the procedure.
Before starting a treatment, a test that helps light beams to fit the individual characteristics will be carried out. It allows you to check the reaction of your skin for the beam.
The procedure description
The skin on the treated area must be clean, dry, shaven and healthy (no wounds, or irritation). Makeup, creams, deodorants or perfumes are removed from the body. A cooling gel, which reduces discomfort and increases the potential effectiveness of treatment is applied to the skin layer. A special head with a mechanism for generating light pulse is moved along the body, so as to cover the entire area subjected to the treatment. For most clients the treatment is quite comfortable, although people with sensitive skin may feel burning or prickling.

After the procedure
Immediately after the treatment you may experience slight redness, or swelling of the skin, which usually disappears in a few minutes after the procedure. You can put make-up on the skin, but it is rather recommended to keep the skin clean and dry. After a few hours you are allowed to moisten the skin with a cream.
After the treatment and during the entire course of it you should not tan the skin, pull the hair, apply any scrubs or scratch the skin. Heavily chlorinated water (as in the pool) can irritate the skin. Avoid very tight clothes and high skin temperature (the sauna or intense physical exertion is not good). You should irrigate the body and drink plenty of water.

IPL operating principle
Professional device based on the newest technology of using light energy (Intense Pulsed Light) in cosmetic and medical procedures.
Intense IL light is noninvasive, it penetrates the skin and is absorbed by hemoglobin (damaged vessels, erythema) or melanin (discolorations). IPL light reaches cells and the skin starts a natural healing process. The treatment shortens and rebuilds collagen fibers and the skin is more firm, more elastic, the pores are minimized and smaller wrinkles are smoothed.
The procedures are effective, safe, short and do not cause any skin damage. IPL system has many uses. It generates wide beam of incoherent light waves and due to their different length, they can be absorbed by certain chromatophores (hemoglobin and melanin). Tissues that contain chromatophores are damaged during the selective photothermolysis process, but other tissues remain intact. The waves length needed for the therapy is generated by special, interchangeable filters that are a part of the IPL system set.

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