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Planning a move to Nice

Hi everyone, I'm at the very beginning of making plans for a move to Nice with my wife & our 2 year old son. We are both in our mid twenties & my wife is originally from France, so is fully bilingual. I on the other hand, have very basic speaking skills but understand most of the language, so I'm hoping to take to it quickly after some time living there. Fortunately, I'm able to work remotely for my current employer, as I've been reading that without having a good level of French makes finding a job very difficult? My monthly wage before tax will be Protected content , I must seek financial advice on taxation to see what take home pay I can expect to be left with from that. Are we are being realistic to think we can sustain ourselves on that alone? What can we expect to spend on food & rent each month? We are hoping my wife will be able to find part time work within the tourism industry fairly easily but can't rely on that to happen quickly. Are there many vacancies within this industry? Our plan would be to rent first with a view to buying once we are settled & our home in the UK is sold. We'd be happy to look on the outskirts of the city or even 30mins away if we had to for cheaper accomodation & are not necessarily confining our search to Nice alone. Is public transport good for getting into the city from the suburbs or surrounding cities? Any advice anyone can offer on areas we could find reasonably priced accomodation would be much appreciated & anything that we should consider before committing to the move.

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