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Sub area for women and family issues on InterNations (Nice)

I have a suggestion to make: do you feel it would be useful to have a separate, sub area, with a little more feminine feel to it, to Internations, to help us network on 'international' women's issues at a more local level?

As one who's relocated quite a bit recently in the US, Canada and France without being an expat, I know about the pain of relocating, especially when children are around. I feel a specific networking environment is necesary for these issues.

I actually have been trying to develop a complex network called InternationalParents for nearly two years now, which is a follow up to what I did in California in Protected content , the * * network. I've had issues with finding the right back end web development team for the InternationalParents network.

When I saw InterNations I thought: incredible!! Some people had a very similar idea to mine, only with a little more masculine and professional focus. Wouldn't it be great if InterNations developped its ' feminine side'?

I mean by that a slightly more feminine look and feel, and specific groups per region on our specific issues, from relocation to children to balancing professional and personal life as a globetrotter...

What do you think?


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