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As parents we are all interested in securing our children’s education the most.
We would like to share one of our good experiences with you when it comes to schools in Cyprus.

We have over the past three years had our children in one – educational wise - good international school in Dubai.
When we in June Protected content to Cyprus we wanted to find the internal culture we focus on in the school system.

We looked around in the international schools in Cyprus and moved our children to the American International School of Cyprus - AISC.

Maximum 22 students in each class. Effective communication with management. Experienced and qualified teachers. As the children say: "A completely different attention in the classrooms." And last but not least for children: international friends - again, two languages from Grade 4, and we could continue.
When we look at the progress the kids have continued during Protected content , we can state that academically we know they are progressing (MAP system) – they are active in school and active in preparation of their home work, which is average wise (reasonable) less than we saw before = due to lower classroom quotient, the teachers are performing higher quality, and the children produce more in class.

Socially both our kids have continued developing.

Each family focus differently on their demands to their kids’ school. We focus on an international atmosphere and an international perspective and understanding, which we as a family respect and stands for. Furthermore we focus on the schools clear focus on academic values - Teachers, who give consideration to, and respect and give understanding for other people – The way the management is securing the manageable settings (environment) –

AISC has very competent educational standards – And last but not least the collaboration and commitment - specifically with/and by parents.
We can recommend taking contact to the school if you want the best for your children - as we wanted, or if you are on the road to get to live in Cyprus (Nicosia).

Suhair and Peer Gelser
11th April Protected content

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